Was Zuko nonetheless real time within the Legend regarding Korra?

Just like the series finished in 2014, new escapades of Korra and you will Asami didn’t prevent here. DiMartino went on Korra’s tale within the comic guide function, having a few brand new arcs composed via Black Pony Comics. Not merely perform it continue the newest narrative of your Legend off Korra, nevertheless they show Korra and you can Asami since a complete-fledged couple.

The girl first spouse is a man named Kanto. That they had Lin along with her. following Toph divorced Kanto. She remarried along with some other girl Suyin.

At the end of The newest Legend out-of Korra, Asami and you may Korra decide to carry on a holiday with her during the the fresh new Heart Business – nonetheless especially don’t hug. … Its intimate ideas for every most other will never be explicitly stated throughout the brand new let you know, although follow up comics show Asami and you can Korra come dating, theoretically.

Asami Sato is one of the main characters of one’s Legend away from Korra. The woman is the new child out-of Hiroshi Sato, the organization Chairman from Upcoming Markets and a person in the newest brand new Team Avatar. The woman is plus the previous like focus away from Mako in fact it is the main like focus of Korra.

Izumi was created good little princess of one’s Flames Country to help you Flames Lord Zuko adopting the Hundred-year War.