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>How’s they going? I am aware this might be a lengthy try, however, have you any a°dea of any school or >place one shows one tips chat Sumerian? Thanks for your time and effort.

>You will find a concern: is Sumerian related to the brand new Ural Altaic dialects, >or on the Indo-european dialects? > >Will not there exist any relation ranging from Sumerian and semitic >words loved ones?

>During my rather cursory study of the unbelievable >performs, I realized multiple terms and conditions which could be construed >once the economic systems away from scale; gur, an effective unit away from regularity approximately >equal to twenty-six bushels, kug otherwise ku, gold otherwise money, and gin or >gig, a little axe head put given that money roughly equal to an excellent shekel. >Did the latest Sumerians enjoys a common equipment away from monetary exchange > 2400 so you can 2300 BC and, in this case, that which was it?